News from AMUG 2017 in Chicago

There are a lot of new technologies on display that either just came out or will be launched soon.

  • Admatec, who is know for their ceramic printer is presenting their new metal printer: a slurry filled with metal particles is cured with DLP technology layer by layer, the resulting green part is then sintered in an oven.
  • Metal X from Markforged will be released in 6 month. It prints with metal-filled thermoplastic filament, followed by a debinder and sinter process
  • Vader will start selling their printers in about a year. They are using Magnetojet technology to print their parts.
  • Voxel8 is working on a new printer for multi-materials. Their focus is still on conductive inks, as the 3D antenna array shows.
  • The server cooling units from our friends at ebullient ( were highlighted in the Carbon showroom. Ebullient is a startup out of UW Madison.
  • Carbon also showed now new materials like their polyurethanes (EPU) to print flexible lattice structure.
  • HP had their new multijet fusion printers running to produce parts 10x faster than SLS processes; they are only focusing on black parts for now to help with the energy absorption, but they are working on full color.