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3D Printing

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 3D printing and additive manufacturing are integral to the daily life of students and researchers — to teach the design process, to fabricate parts and demonstration objects, and to test new materials and processes.

Latest News

Find out what’s new in the world of additive manufacturing. We have the inside scoop.

Updates from RAPID + tct in Pittsburgh, PA

This year, SME hosted the RAPID conference together with Rapid News Publications Ltd., and combined their nearly 30 years of insights and experience. It was the biggest showcase yet and the new machine highlights were the launch of the Studio printer … Continue reading

Projects in our Additive Manufacturing course (ME514) this spring semester

As the semester is coming to an end, the final presentations for our “Additive Manufacturing” class are done and I want to share some highlights with you. The students worked in groups of 5-6 on multiple 3D printing projects for … Continue reading

News from AMUG2017 in Chicago, IL

There are a lot of new technologies on display that either just came out or will be launched soon. Admatec, who is know for their ceramic printer is presenting their new metal printer: a slurry filled with metal particles is … Continue reading

Print services

We offer an huge array of services, that allow you to print your designs. We have various printers to use for your class work and research needs and even some for personal use.


The College of Engineering TEAM Lab has a Stratasys F370 3D printer which can perform fused deposition modeling with ABS, PLA, ASA, and PC-ABS. The machine is excellent for high quality rapid prototyping. Learn more about our services…

Polymer Engineering Center

The laboratories of the Polymer Engineering Center have a wide range of polymer-processing machines including advanced processes in the area of Additive Manufacturing and machines for Rapid Prototyping. Learn more about our services…

College Library

The College Library provides UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff access to a 3D printer. Orders can be placed at the College Library Infolab Help Desk any time the library is open. Learn more about our services…

Teaching & Learning

Courses in 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing range from introduction to CAD as well as graphical tools to generate 3D model data to introduction to the different manufacturing technologies.

Garage Physics

Garage Physics offers informal mini-classes in SolidWorks CAD and 3d printing. To be notified of Garage Physics events and classes, join Garage Physics and subscribe to the e-mail distribution list.

ME 314: Manufacturing Fundamentals – Manufacturing Automation, Control, and Engineering Economics

In ME314 Manufacturing Fundamentals custom 3D printers are utilized as a common platform to cover concepts in 3D printing (FDM), CAM/CNC, PLC programming (more…)

ME 514: Additive Manufacturing

In the past few years, advances in material, process, and machine development have enabled additive manufacturing (AM) processes to evolve from the prototyping stage to direct product manufacturing. (more…)


Various research groups at UW Madison are working in the area of 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing.

Garage Physics

The Garage Physics lab in B613 Sterling Hall is a makerspace for student-driven interdisciplinary innovation. Garage offers all UW-Madison undergraduates and graduate students an unstructured safe environment to explore technologies (more…)

UW Bone and Joint Biomechanics Lab

The UW Bone and Joint Biomechanics Lab’s goal is to better understand the nature of bone, bone growth and joint biomechanics as they relate to the orthopaedics field. Lab techniques include traditional mechanical testing methods (more…)

Polymer Engineering Center

The Polymer Engineering Center has a long history in plastics processing research, which now include novel technologies like Additive Manufacturing (AM). Here the focus is on Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). (more…)